Thailand's #1-Premium Rum












“Ruayrin Krin Sheeva”


Mr. Sheeva as he is known by all, a professional mixologist-(Bartender for those who are not familiar with the term) and club owner in Bangkok-Thailand for many years was troubled with the lack of any GREAT, SMOOTH WONDERFULLY RICH FLAVOURED RUMS being available on the market. As Mr. Sheeva states, Rum that is “RICH IN TASTE and CLASSIC IN STYLE”. THERE IS NOT a Rum available that pleases the pallet of men and women alike, all of the time or a Rum which is great straight or twisted with a favorite flavor, mixer, juice or anything you wish, SHEEVA meets that demand and fills that niche’.


After its inception over 12+years ago in one of Mr. Sheeva’s own clubs, “THE ROLLING BAR” favored and frequented by all who love the shades, colors and styles of the 50s and 60s and ten years of faithful testing and tasting by Mr. Sheeva’s faithful followers, friends and neighbors, did “SHEEVAWOP” become a household name in Bangkok. SHEEVAWOP is the aprty favorite of almost all Thais when it comes to RUM. It is SMOOTH AS SILK and favored by men and women alike which is unusual for any rum anywhere in the world. SHEEVAWOP mixes with anything that your heart desires and then some. Simply put: "IT IS THE BEST"!



MR. SHEEVA has taken great pleasure and pain in developing his ‘sHEEVA WOP” Rum drink. This has been done over 8-years and though many late night sessions with friends and associates  trying to get that very special and unique taste now known as ‘sHEEVA WOP”. This is a blended taste that you will not experience in any other Rum Drink. 

MR. SHEEVA has blended SHEEVA WOP to perfection and it blends easily with many forms of Drink Mixers to form a variety of great drinks with perfect taste and quality.

SHEEVA WOP--“RICH IN TASTE AND CLASSIC IN STYLE” all will come to know and love this unique “Lao Pan” or blended RUM drink with its own unique taste and harmony. SHEEVA WOP will bring you all to come to know the new slogan in town as they say in “Thailand”-- "ลุ่มลึกในรสชาด คลาสสิคแห่งสมัย" or  “RICH IN TASTE AND CLASSIC IN STYLE”.

 “WOP” as defined by Mr. Sheeva differs from the standard “RUM” spirits, which are fermented. SHEEVA WOP is a private formula created by Mr. Sheeva to be pleasing to both men and women.

Many people may not be familiar with the word ‘SHEEVA WOP” however Mr. Sheeva believes the following words ‘SHEEVA WOP” soon will be well known to all people of the world.

Some of you may be wondering why ‘SHEEVA WOP” tastes so good, and is so pleasurable for all to drink. ‘SHEEVA WOP” was created by Mr. Sheeva, a true mixologist, after many clients and long night discussions about a “NEW RUM” for the masses. Sheeva Wop answers that question by pleasing the pallet and taste buds of women and men alike. It is light enough for women to drink straight and strong enough for a man to feel superior.

Whether mixed with fruit juices or mixed with Sprite sodas, or even mixing your own favorite ingredients with SHEEVA WOP, You will have a unique taste all your own and different from any other “RUM” product currently available today. The mixers are endless and the tastes or boundless, I try to use as many formulas for uniqueness as possible, and I refer to this as “Craft Home”.

Please see my selections on the ‘SHEEVA WOP WELL MIXERS” chart. These are some of my favorites and I invite you to mix your own and submit to my office…if we use it we will name the drink after you.


ROLLING BAR, This is where it all started many years ago.  Enjoy the location of this pedestrian district Old City Pub.

Many people enjoy SHEEVA WOP in this very pleasant “Old Town Thai” atmosphere of people joyously coming together and sharing SHEEVA WOP, HOWEVER many may never share in this experience because they do not know of its location. Mr. Sheeva recommends trying this wonderful restaurant, and enjoying the atmosphere which has just been renovated to meet all of its “FAN CLUB” or frequent guests and friends which nowadays is ever growing through its popularity.

This fine restaurant location is identified by its cool atmosphere. Chalermwanchat Bridge, (River Bridge location) meaning National Day Celebration Bridge. Sitting straight, the winds flowing past, over time, Musical acoustics, beautiful gentle surroundings like no other in the city, and most importantly do not forget: It is the SHEEVA WOP Cocktails from blends being named. 

If you are looking for a small piece of Heaven, it is to be found where two roads come together….Tanon Praartit and Prasume Road. Here you will find a fort by the name of Pomprasumme….just a few hundred yards past this old fort you will see an old Cinema Building or Theater dating to the 60s and 70s….upon closer inspection we find that it is actually a well conceived bar…called the “Rolling Bar”.

Within the confines of this old bar you find the true history of ‘SHEEVA WOP”…Mr. Sheeva has been described as a man on a life preserver who has brought the era of the 50s-60s and 70s back to life with his wonderful and inspiring RUM….’SHEEVA WOP”. SHEEVA WOP, now going on 8-years is becoming fast the best RUM in all of Thailand. There are times when you may be at this wonderful piece of heaven and you will swear that you have seen Mr. Sheeva sipping a cocktail at sunset. So, in your travels, should somebody describe to you a small piece of heaven where two roads and a fort all come together….it is where SHEEVA WOP was born.

“ROLLING BAR” is an extension of Mr. Sheeva…..this is a place where not only SHEEVA WOP was born but also many unique smells and tastes from the restaurant of his own design and tender care for perfection and pleasant atmosphere all come together.

Mr. Sheeva welcomes all to this little piece of Heaven on earth…..come and enjoy good food, good company, companionship and good spirits ‘SHEEVA WOP”.